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Night Navigation

Navigating at night on both familiar and unfamiliar waters is quite challenging for most sailors.

In harbours and closed waters it can be difficult to spot vessels or buoys because of the background lights from houses and roads on the land. Theoretical experience will teach you the rules and the light sequences, however actually sailing at night and taking the time to concentrate on the different lights and navigation marks is invaluable.

EastSail conducts a 3 hour night time session aboard our Beneteau yachts on Sydney Harbour for students to gain experience of harbour lights and International Buoyage systems. IALA-buoyage-course
This course complements our RYA training programme. $60



6pm Motor out, hoist sails, observe buoys. Look at lights, sail to heads, sail into harbour on the leads, observe other vessels. Return at 9pm

For more information on our sailing courses, or to make a booking please call us on 9327 1166 or email training@eastsail.com.au. Click here for course dates & prices.

Course payments valid for 12 months, refunds not available. We require 7 days notice if you want to postpone a booking. Click here for terms and conditions
EastSail provides RYA training at levels from beginner sailing to advanced Yachtmaster. We are adjacent to the Cruising Yacht Club in Rushcutters Bay.

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